Where To Find The Right One Online!

“It’s so easy to fall in love but hard to find someone who will catch you.”

I sometimes wonder how singles ever manage to date someone from afar or how couples survive long distance relationship before the popularity of online dating sites, apps, social media or even before email.


I know, most of us are thankful for the technology we have today. It made our life easier to communicate with our loved ones accross continents in ways that would have been unthinkable even just a decade ago. Most people nowadays are thankful to meet their significant others online!

This topic inspires me to share my opinion from my personal experiences due to many friends who are interested in knowing where Shaun and I met. I can totally relate since I’ve been in their position before.


Most dating sites and apps works the same. I even recognized some familiar faces. May be they are having a hard time as well searching for the right one.
But seriously, I’ve been a member of various sites for the reason, I haven’t found a good one to search for. May be if only use correctly, it would have been easy to all of us.

Facebook – this is the popular one to search for. You can find pages or groups then start talking to someone. Two things I hated with this app, first, perverts are everywhere and next, lots of cheaters. Because you can message anyone. Seriously, as in seriously same goes to other apps. This is cheap almost costless, accessible but not much reliable for me. Well, others are lucky to find true love here. I even met my first online boyfriend from this app. He’s from London. And because this is facebook, he doesn’t trust me and find someone else. Not my loss actually.

Facebook to fakebook to fakelove. Same goes to other apps. You can download the dating app and register as a free member. But, enable to chat others, you need to pay or deal with many advertisements.


In my opinion, dating websites is still the best one to find love. Why? Because someone is willing to pay in order to search for love. It symbolizes how true he really is in finding the right one. If a member found his/her partner, he/she can cancel the subscription anytime or even deactivated the account.

My Boyfriend is a member of filipinocupid site that’s why I can message him. In hundreds of girls chatting him, he chose me. So I’m very lucky. 🙂

Though, each of us can find love in unexpected way or place. Sometimes, we just go with the flow of life and let this takes you anywhere.


Don’t waste your time, effort and money. Think of a good place where you can find the love of your life. The crucial part to remember is be smart in dating someone online you won’t easily be fooled if you are wise. Whether it’s the site, app or social media media. You can talk with anyone freely but don’t easily give your trust.

The choice is yours.

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